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How do I Redeem (use) a TripGift eGift card, Discount Voucher code, paysafecard or pay using a debit, prepaid or credit card?
How do I Redeem (use) a TripGift eGift card, Discount Voucher code, paysafecard or pay using a debit, prepaid or credit card?

I have a TripGift eGift card/prepaid/credit card/discount voucher code/paysafecard and I am excited to use it straight away to book travel. How do I use it?

How to use a hotel gift card?
How can I add an extra person to my booking?
Can I use your website to top-up my paysafecard account?
Help how do I book Airport Transfers on your website?
How to book Tours using paysafecard
How to book car rental using paysafecard
How to book flights with paysafecard
How to book hotels with paysafecard?
How to book travel with paysafecard
Is there a simple guide to complete my booking/transaction, how to search & book?
Help I've tried to complete my booking multiple times with no success
Help I want to make a booking for next year, but I don't get any results
I can't check-in online. Can you help?
Help can I transact in a currency other than the one that my gift card was issued in?
Help I used my gift card to make a booking, but my transaction got stuck
Help I want to book a multi-leg flight itinerary, how do I do it?
How can I find my flight booking on the airline's website?
Help is luggage/baggage included in my booking?
How to redeem my gift card? Help how do I complete my transaction successfully using a eGift card code or 3rd party payment card?
Help how do I book a Private Tour?
Help I need to change/amend my name/date of birth/passport/email details on my booking
Help I want to book a room for one person, but I get the price/rate for two
Help can I use my gift card on the Airbnb, or Expedia websites?
Can I use a gift card and a discount voucher code?
Help I cannot complete my transaction?
How to search, Help I cannot find what I am searching for what should I do next?
Where can you use a one4all card?
How do I book hotels for a family of 4 or 5 or more?
Can I use my Employee Recognition points, Service Award, Incentive or Loyalty Rewards points on TripGift?
Help I have tried to check in and there is an issue with our booking on arrival
Using a promo or discount voucher for online learning courses
How to use a promo or discount voucher to book flights
How do I use a Promo or Discount Voucher to book Hotels
How do I use my global hotel card (HotelsGift)?
What is a global hotel card (HotelsGift)?
I am having problems as my card has declined, can you help me with this?
How do I login to My Account?
Help my Gift cards are stuck in the basket, the basket has expired, can you fix this for me?
Can you help as I would like to book a Car Rental from one location and drop off at another?
Can I pay room deposits and resort fees in room charges at my hotel with a TripGift gift card?
Help I have been locked out of my Account or may have forgotten my password, what can I do to fix this?
Can you help as the TripGift website is not displaying properly in my Browser
Will I receive Loyalty points with my Hotel, Airline and Car Rental booking if I book directly with TripGift?
Can I buy Travel Insurance with my Gift card?
Can I use TripGift at Restaurants/Bars/Diners?
I am trying find a choice of SPAs to book can you help me?
Where can I book train or coach tickets?
I am having problems paying with my Credit card/Debit card?
I am trying to make a same day booking and can't see how to do this...Can you help?
How can I use a Hotel discount voucher to book Hotels?
How do I book, use or redeem a Gift card to book something or just pay using my personal, prepaid or a branded Visa, MasterCard, AmEx or Paysafecard?
I have seen different prices elsewhere to the prices I have seen on this website do you price match?
How do I change my password?
How do I check the balance of my eGift card or eGift code
How do I view the balance of my eGift card or add the eGift code to my Account?
How many Airline tickets can I redeem and book in one transaction?
How many Hotel rooms can I redeem in one transaction
Can a TripGift eGift card be used only once?
Where can I access my eLearning courses redemption code?
Are there any black out dates?
Where can TripGift Recipients use the service?
Do I need to activate my TripGift eGift card before using it?
What happens when the purchase or booking is more expensive than the value of my TripGift?
Are there any additional costs and fees when redeeming my TripGift?
How will I know if my booking or product purchase is confirmed? How to find my supplier booking confirmation reference?
Can I redeem my TripGift for cash or swap it for another Gift Card on your website?
Why is the hotel I want to book unavailable?
What do I do when I haven't received a booking or product purchase confirmation email?
How can I cancel or change my Travel or Experience booking?