Help I've tried to complete my booking multiple times with no success

I've followed the instructions, but I am still unable to complete my transaction/payment as I keep getting an error

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In case you have tried to complete your transaction on our website, but you're unable to do so, please note that we need to investigate and replicate the issue.

Before we can raise a ticket to replicate this error issue, we would require you to refresh your cookies and try a different browser, if this fails and in order for us to replicate the error, you need to provide the following details:

1) Full image of the desktop/mobile version including your contact and address details fully completed including State, City and Zip code (no abbreviations)

2) Which browser you are using?

3) Which payment card (Visa/Mastercard card program i.e. who is the issuer)?

Once we have the details above and we have reviewed the email with your basket id, with the technical team, we can give you feedback shortly.

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