Is there a simple guide to complete my booking/transaction, how to search & book?

Show me how to complete a transaction on the website. What should I expect when trying to complete a booking/transaction on your website?

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Below you can see the 5 simple steps to complete your booking/transaction on our websites:

  1. Register an Account on the Sign In/Register Here page.

A 'Welcome to TripGift® - here are your Account details' email and temporary password will be sent to the email address you have used to register. (Important: You will not be able to request a new password until you have changed your temporary password which you can access from the welcome to TripGift® email).

Please note: only one (1) Account Member and one (1) email per Account Member is permitted on the website in order to comply with our Terms and Conditions and Data Protection.

2. Search and select your product or trip on the Book Trip | Redeem page. You may also click 'More Options' where available to customise your search and booking i.e. you can book a one way flight or add meal packages BB or All Inclusive to your hotel/resort booking.

When you search and select the product, our system checks for live availabilty for your search criteria:

3. You will then need to review and enter booking passenger/customer details and tick/check the box at the bottom of the page and click 'Continue to payment' to proceed to the basket page to make payment.

4. Then, you need to enter the eGift Card code in the eGift card box (by clicking on the + icon) entering your eGift Card code and then click "Submit" to assign the value to the basket page and once you have selected the value you wish to pay with using your eGift Card code click 'Submit' again to process the value and this will instantly issue payment from your eGift Card code value to the supplier for your transaction.


Enter the discount voucher code in the discount voucher box.

NOTE: these two options cannot be used together in the same transaction.

5. If you have no residual value to pay (i.e. the eGift Card code covers the full value of the transaction) simply enter your full contact information and tick/check the box at the bottom of the page to review and accept the Terms and Conditions and click 'Submit'. You will shortly receive a confirmation email and booking/transaction confirmation.

Alternatively, if the total amount of your booking exceeds the value of your eGift card(s) or Discount voucher code, you will have to use a 3rd Party Payment Method (Visa, Mastercard, American Express or Paysafecard).

Please enter your Full contact information and tick/check the box at the bottom of the page to review and accept the Terms and Conditions and proceed to complete payment. Always use the full spelling as abbreviations (i.e. IL, CO, NY, MN, AL) may cause transactions to decline or bookings to fail.

Simply enter your 3rd Party Payment details and click 'Pay now' to complete your transaction.

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