Where can TripGift Recipients use the service?

I have just received a TripGift how do I use it for my next trip or whilst I am at home?

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Redeeming a TripGift can only be done using our live dynamic booking engine. Simply go to tripgift.com register with an account and you have the ability to search for multiple products to redeem your eGift card against, filter by location and date range or by eProduct name. 

When you have found something you like, you can proceed with the steps indicated you will then be instructed to enter your TripGift eGift card code in the box (for which you can use up to 2 eGift card codes per transaction). No Pin required for TripGift eGift card codes used on the website.

Simply complete entering all of your details in the payment page, agree to the T&Cs and click Order now at the bottom of the basket page!  

You will receive a confirmation email and all of the relevant details of what you have purchased and how to access it.

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