Where can I access my eLearning courses redemption code?

How can I access my eLearning/eLanguage product redemption codes?

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There are two ways to access your eLanguage and eLearning redemption codes:

Important Instructions to follow:

  1. When purchasing an eLearning/eLanguage product you will receive a code and specific instructions of how to use and directly access the products on the basket success page after payment has been accepted. You will need to follow these exact instructions in order to access the learning management systems.

  2. You will also only be able to access your eLearning/eLanguage redemption code via the My Dashboard area at the bottom of the page within your My Account section of the website.ย 

Please note that all eLearning/eLanguage courses once purchased have a 6 or 12 month access period subject to the specific product that you purchased.

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