Can a TripGift eGift card be used only once?

How can I spend my remaining balance/amount? Learn what you can do with residual (leftover) balance on your eGift card

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If you received a TripGift eGift card with high value, you might not be able to spend it all at once. For example when the cost of a hotel accommodation is less than the value on the card. 

In this scenario you can choose to spend a longer period at the same hotel (i.e. more nights in one go) or use the TripGift against one of our 1.5 million + dynamic product range.   Alternatively, you do not need to spend everything in one go, you can enjoy it longer or several times!  You can continue until the value is entirely spent.  If costs exceed the leftover value, you may pay the difference via debit or credit card by following the booking payment process.

Please note it's not possible to use the leftover value for other costs  (i.e. for additional services like a meal). The value can only be used for bookings on

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