Help I cannot complete my transaction?

Can you show me how I can complete my order/booking/reservation/transaction on my basket page?

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Before making a request to our support team, please make sure you have added all the correct information to the basket page. This includes:

  1. Please insure that you are entering the correct eGift card code into the eGift card code redemption box or a valid discount voucher code into the discount voucher code redemption box.

2. If you are using a payment card have you checked that you have registered the card for use online? By registering your full name and address with the payment card issuer.

3. Have you checked the amount and have clicked "Submit" to process the value of your gift card?

4. Have you completed all of the contact details including all card payment details and the registered card address including adding the full correct spelling of your City and State if in the US (with no Abbreviations i.e. New York instead of NY)?

5. Have you checked/ticked the Terms and Conditions and clicked "Submit" at the bottom of the page?

You will be required to register your payment card with your payment card issuer for their Know Your Customer compliance, as unregistered payment cards will be automatically declined by our payment system. If you are still encountering issues completing your transaction, please refresh your cookies and change your browser if you are still unsuccessful completing payment, you can send a full screenshot picture of the basket page including the full contact information address section at the bottom of the page and also the Terms and Conditions tick/check box by replying to the Order Ref email you have received.

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