I am having problems paying with my Credit card/Debit card?

Not sure why my Visa, AmEx or Mastercard is not working? Help I need to complete my booking/transaction. How do I complete my transaction?

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You will need to check you have:

1) added your payment card to the pay by credit card box

2) selected the Visa debit or credit or MasterCard debit or credit, AmEx drop down option

3) add long card number

4) add 3 digit code on the back of the card (If AmEx 4 digits on the front)

5) add your address where you have registered the payment (Visa, MasterCard, Amex) card

6) add full address, contact details and agree to the terms and conditions and click proceed to confirm and complete your transaction

On the basket page please note you are not required to enter the start date of your Credit card or Debit card if your Credit card does not have one displayed on the front of the card.

You may be asked for additional verification information this is to protect your Credit card against fraudulent transactions, in the event that your Credit/Debit card is declined please check with your Credit/Debit card provider and then resubmit your payment on the basket page to complete your booking/transaction only once you have spoken with your provider.

Please check that you have registered your card for use online, this requires that you verify your full contact details in association with the card that you wish to use as this verifies that you are the card user (known as the KYC process with your card issuer, you will need to provide details including name, address, contact and date of birth). Anonymous cards will automatically be declined.

If you are still encountering issues please reply to the Order reference email and this will be forward to Customer Support/Payments Team to assist you further.


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