Where can you use a one4all card?

I need to use a one4all card for something to look forward to like travel

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Good news! You can use your One4all Chip & Pin or One4all Digital card on the TripGift website to book all available travel or buy online learning courses like language courses and learning courses, simply enter all of the details of the booking or purchase, then on the basket page you will need to use the '3rd Party Payment Method’ option and when entering the One4all Visa debit card details you will need to select Visa card as the card type for each One4all Visa debit card you have in Europe.

Please note: A maximum of 1 (one) card is permitted for transactions (online spending limits may apply on the one4all card, please check the one4all website for more details).

Please see the pictures below:

Simply read, accept terms and conditions and complete your order.

As a reminder there may be a restricted limit with what you can spend online with your card please check the one4all website for more details.

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