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I am having problems as my card has declined, can you help me with this?

Why won't my card transact on your website, what could I be doing that is wrong? I have tried and failed to complete my transaction, help!

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Please check you have followed the below process:

1) add your full address contact details and accept the terms and conditions (when adding your State name do not enter abbreviations or your booking will fail) address details must match where you have registered the payment card Visa, MasterCard & American Express and paysafecard (paysafecard is accepted for all non-USD transactions), make sure you have registered your card so it can be used online

2) add your payment card to the secure 3rd Party Payment Method box by simply entering your 3rd Party Payment Method card number or for paysafecard customers click the paysafecard option (paysafecard is accepted for all non USD transactions only)

3) add long card number and expiry date

4) add CVV code

5) Click 'Pay now'

You will need to check that the billing address on your order matches the billing address associated with your card, as well as your email address. You may also wish to try on a non-VPN connection. You can verify your address and activate your card to be used online by calling your credit/debit card issuer.

Additional decline reasons may be an incorrect expiration date or insufficient funds. Please verify all prior to making additional attempts to purchase, also if you have tried with the same card more than two times your card issuer may block your card from transacting until you contact them directly.

If you have tried and failed to complete a transaction quite a few times, in the first instance please contact your credit/debit card issuer to assist you and to also provide to you the reason for your card authorisation declining on our website, before trying to transact online again.

Common reasons for payment card declines:

1) Incorrect credit card number or expiration date

2) Incorrect address not matching the correct address that the card is registered to (you may have entered abbreviations i.e. AL, CA, NY, MO, MN, AZ, FL) this needs to be the full spelling of your state
3) Insufficient funds
4) The bank declined based on location or IP address
5) The bank’s fraud rules blocked the transaction
6) Using autofill or scan card option when entering in payment details – retry and manually type in card details

7) the contact details provided email, postal address do not match the details that are registered with your card issuer

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