🏆 2021 The Knot Registry Awards Winner "Best Travel Experience Gift Card"

🏆 2021 Business Excellence Awards Winner "Best Digital Travel Gift Card"

🏆 2020 Global Award Winner "Best Innovative Wedding Gift"

🏆 2018 International Award Winner "Best Innovative Gift Card & Incentive & Loyalty Reward Solution"

What is it and How does it work?

TripGift is a digital self-serve travel experience and eLearning e-Commerce platform and digital gift card. Our first-of-its-kind digital multi-currency eGift card, or for B2B Bulk, API or Custom Orders an eGift code can be redeemed in 34 currencies against a unique choice of 450 Airlines, 750,000 Hotels, Villas & Apartments, 20,000 Tours and Packages, 500 Car Rental Partner providers, 30,000 Airport Transfer locations and a vast range of eProducts (eLanguage and eLearning) content worldwide. Bookings and Purchases can only be made directly via www.tripgift.com portfolio of digital self-serve (do-it-yourself) websites.

To view available searches and prices you will need to sign up to an account first, in order to browse you will need to know the name of the city of the destination you wish to travel to in order to complete searches to book and make your payment successfully. All bookings and transactions are made by customers directly (digital self-serve).

To complete a search successfully watch the video tutorials below:

Hotels and Flights by: City or Town

Car Rental by: Country and then Airport

Transfers by: Country, Airport and Resort Destination

eLearning Courses by: eLanguage or eLearning and then clicking search

Private Tours by: Clicking search once the Private Tours search tab has been selected simply browse the options available

In addition to using TripGift eGift card codes to complete your transaction, you can also use a Visa, MasterCard, Amex and Paysafecard (for non USD transactions) on all TripGift brand portfolio websites with a choice of prepaid and credit payment options available for all payment cards that are registered for use online.

TripGift has an expiry date* based on three categories, one of the three categories will be clearly displayed on each eGift card when purchased and sent to you via email based on where the Recipient is located in the world and what type of user they are i.e. Business or Leisure.

Why should I buy it?

If for self use - You deserve it! Or let your recipient discover and enjoy the best travel experience options the world has to offer with TripGift!

It is perfect for any Birthday, Christmas, Anniversary or Wedding gift, a special Thank you, Graduation gift, a Surprise romantic trip or even to treat yourself

For Businesses it is also great for Recognition and Service Awards for your number one asset your Employees, Customer Loyalty Rewards, Referral Incentive or Rewards or even as a group individual Travel Incentive for Co-workers or Channel Partners.

Check out some of our customer reviews and customer testimonials by clicking here

How do lives change?

Give a meaningful, memorable and amazing happy worldwide travel experience eGift that empowers Excitement, Choice, Curiosity and helps to create Memories that last a lifetime with TripGift.

This sounds great... now show me how does it actually work?

Here is how it all works in 5 simple steps.

*Subject to any applicable Country and local State law and any required residual refund balances in certain Countries and States.

** All brands displayed on our website are owned by the individual brands owners. 

TripGift® is an independent worldwide digital-self serve gift buying, redeeming and online booking service for Travel, Lifestyle Experiences and Digital Media. 

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