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Can you buy gift cards for travel?

What travel can be booked using a TripGift gift card

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Yes, TripGift offers everything needed to book a local or international trip with over 1.5 million flexible and unrestricted options with a unique choice of: 450 Airlines | 750,000 Hotels, Villas & Apartments | 20,000 Package Tours | 500 Car Rental Brand Providers, 30,000 Airport Transfer locations + online Learning courses (200 eLanguage & eLearning courses).

All the recipient needs to do is search for the item they wish to book/purchase, they have three options pay by Debit/Credit card or pay by using a TripGift gift card or both by simply adding booking or product to the basket and copy and paste each Gift card code (one by one) into the basket, each time you add a Gift card code you will need to click "Submit twice" before adding the next Gift card (maximum of 2 Gift cards per transaction).

Important: If paying by using a gift card and the value of your basket exceeds the amount you have available to spend on the Gift card codes you can pay the difference by using your Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Paysafecard (for all non USD transactions only).

To help you book/purchase:



Car Rental

Airport Transfers

Private Tours

eLearning Courses

Flight + Hotel
Hotel + Car Rental
Hotel + Private Tours + eLanguage courses

Flight + Hotel + Car Rental

Flight + Hotel + Airport Transfers

When buying a gift card directly from this website please allow up to 72 hours for gift card processing, compliance and activation.

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