To search and book Hotels on the TripGift and HotelsGift digital self-serve (do-it-yourself) website here is the video to show you how.

1) First you will need to sign up to an Account

2) Click on Book Trip | Redeem at the top of the page

3) Enter the city you wish to search and the dates you wish to stay and click Search

4) Select a hotel from the search results

5) Select a room

6) Enter all passenger details

7) Accept terms and conditions

8) Enter payment details if using a TripGift® eGift card code enter this into the eGift card code box and click submit and proceed and enter your personal address details, to complete the booking you will need to accept the terms and condition at the bottom of the basket page and click proceed.

9) You will shortly receive a booking confirmation

Please note: the option to book day rates only are not currently available.


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