• Before making a request to our support team, please make sure you have added all the correct information to the basket page. This includes:

  1. Please make sure that you enter your contact details and accept the Terms and Conditions tick/check box and click 'Submit'.

2. Have you accepted the amount to pay and clicked "Submit" to assign the available balance from your eGift card code to your basket page and transaction?

Please note: if you enter the eGift card code into the discount voucher code box below, the eGift card code will not work and you will receive an invalid code (error)

message. Only enter a discount voucher code in the box below.

3. Once you click Submit the second time the basket instantly processes the value of your eGift card code and issues payment to the supplier for your transaction in the eGift card code box, only click submit if you wish to complete your transaction within the 20 minute payment window.

4. Have you checked that you have completed all of eGift card code payments before entering your 3rd Party Payment Method?

5. If you do not have any residual value (i.e. an additional amount to pay) with a 3rd Party Payment Method (Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Paysafecard) on top of the eGift Card code value, then when you click 'Submit' this will complete your transaction.

6. If you do have an additional amount to pay after you have entered your eGift Cards code(s) or you simply wish to pay with a 3rd Party Payment Method you will need to enter your Payment details in the 3rd Party Payment Method section on the basket page and click 'Pay now' if paying with Visa, Mastercard or American Express or if you are a Paysafecard customer, click the paysafecard button and follow their instructions to complete payment. If your basket is older than 20 mins you will need to complete your search and booking again as your basket and live dynamic pricing with our supplier will have timed out.

  • If you receive an error message due to missing details or your basket has timed out, please try again from a different browser and refresh your cookies.

Once completed, you will shortly receive a booking confirmation email (which means we are processing your booking with our suppliers) & a booking confirmation voucher will be sent to you via email separately.

If you are still encountering issues completing your transaction, we would request that you refresh your cookies and try a different browser, failing that please send a full screenshot picture of the basket page including your full Contact Information including full address, the 3rd Party Payment Method form and the Terms and Conditions box (checked/ticked) by replying to the Order Ref email you have received.

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