First you will need to sign up to an Account and then simply click on Book Trip | Redeem on the navigation menu at the top of the page.
You can Search and Book instantly:

• Hotels and Flights by City
• Car Rental, Airport Transfers by Country and then City*
• Package Tours by City

If purchasing eLearning/eLanguage simply use the drop down menu select from the option of eLearning/eLanguage you wish to purchase and click search, select the eLearning/eLanguage item and add to your basket.

Once you have selected the options that best suit your requirements, enter the details of all persons involved in the booking (including full address details (full Post/Zip code) with no abbreviations of an address i.e. Florida not FL).

Search for the item you wish to book/purchase, you have three options pay by Debit/Credit card or pay by using a TripGift gift card or both by simply adding booking or product to the basket and copy and paste each Gift card code (one by one) into the basket, each time you add a Gift card code you will need to click accept twice and confirm the full amount for each Gift card to be processed as payment before adding the next Gift card (maximum of 2 Gift cards per transaction).

If you have more than two gift cards this will need to be used with another transaction.

For processing and compliance reasons please allow a minimum five (5) days lead time from today to make any travel bookings on the websites.

Important: If you are paying by using a gift card and the value of your basket exceeds the amount you have available to spend on the Gift card codes you can pay the difference by using your personal, prepaid or a branded Visa, Mastercard, AmEx, Paysafecard (For non USD payments only).

Important: Make sure that you have provided your full address in the contact information and contact details including telephone number on the basket page (failure to provide full accurate contacts details may result in a failed or voided transaction). Once completed proceed to agree to the T&Cs (tick/check box) and then click Order now at the bottom of the page to complete the booking & transaction, you will shortly receive a booking confirmation email (which means we are processing your booking/transaction with our suppliers) & a booking confirmation e-Voucher via email separately.

* Car Rentals are only available for Airport pick up and drop off only.

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