In order for us to help you cancel your booking, please provide your Full Name, Order ID and Departure Date.

Please reply to the Order confirmation email or Booking reference email, please be patient and this will get resolved as a matter of urgency based on a first come first serve and departure/checking in dates within 24 - 72 hours basis.

If you would like to amend your booking you will need to check the terms and conditions of the specific travel suppliers, due to COVID-19 disruption different travel suppliers have different policies. Generally if the travel supplier is flexible with amendments our team will apply best endeavours to do the same.

Please note: if cancelling for COVID-19 reasons our suppliers will ask for proof before issuing or allowing any credits/refunds or amendments, subject to their terms and conditions with final approval for non-refundable tickets.

As always we advise to make sure that you have the relevant and comprehensive travel insurance cover for any trip.

We can only assist with details relating to a booking to the email used to make the booking for information security purposes.

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