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No show - Help I was delayed, late for my booking can you help? I missed my check-in what are my options?
No show - Help I was delayed, late for my booking can you help? I missed my check-in what are my options?

Can you rebook for free if I am late? I missed my booking time help? I am late due to third party transport delays what are my options?

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Important note: Always purchase travel insurance for your trips

In order to quickly find and view your booking online, you need to follow these steps:

  1. When you received your booking confirmation email, you need to click on the link provided and download the e-document that shows your booking reference number.

  2. If you have booked a flight, you can check and manage your booking online by going to the airline's website and using your PNR in the "Manage my Booking" section.

  3. If you have booked a car rental, hotel room, tour or airport transfers, you should directly contact the supplier indicated in your booking confirmation immediately and give them your full name, check in time and booking reference number so that they can find and confirm your booking and help you immediately.

  4. If you have been delayed or late for whatever reason it is important that you contact the supplier directly as their terms and conditions and framework fully apply at this point, they have been fully paid so for ‘no shows’ this is at the full discretion of the supplier and their no show policy. In some instances, good hospitality will see that they will try to assist you and hopefully make good where possible. In most instances if you are deemed as a no show, it is likely the supplier might charge you again to make a new booking, to manage expectations your booking cannot be modified without the supplier’s authorisation, if at all possible.

You do have some potential options if your trip was delayed due to flight disruption which is to make a claim for out of pocket expenses directly from your airline or alternatively contact your travel insurance provider to make a claim for travel disruption.

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