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How to change a date once I have booked travel on this website?
How to change a date once I have booked travel on this website?

Help I need to make an amendment last minute to my check-in time or change the date or name of my booking, can you help?

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At this stage you will need to contact the supplier directly as the booking has already been processed and the suppliers do not allow for us to make a change once the booking has been processed.

Only the supplier can authorise this type of change at this stage, we can suggest that you call the suppliers directly and escalate with a friendly supervisor or manager who may assist (subject to the suppliers terms and conditions of booking, it is highly unlikely they will permit date/name changes if it is not permitted in their Terms & Conditions).

If you are still encountering issues, please reply to the Booking confirmation email or Order reference email, please be patient and this will get resolved as a matter of urgency based on a first come first serve and departure/checking in dates within 24 - 72 hours.

If you have a change on the day typically this will be outside of the amendment date of your booking so this can only be resolved with the supplier directly in the event of any force majeure.

Please note we can only assist with details relating to a booking to the email used to make the booking for information security purposes.

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