Please note: that you need to register your One4all Visa card for use online on the One4all website first and then you will be able to use your One4all Visa debit card using the credit/debit card option on the basket page, this means that we only accept One4all Chip & Pin or One4all Digital Visa gift cards in the payment box (see image below) as you will also need to add your full name and address on the basket page when completing your transaction on the TripGift websites and make sure this matches the details that the One4all Chip & Pin or One4all Digital card is registered to.

When using a One4all card to book travel, first you will need to complete your travel search using the booking engine, enter all of the details of the booking, on the basket page you will need to use the 'Pay with more than one credit card’ option and when entering the One4all card details you will need to select Visa debit card as the card type for each One4all card you have. Complete your address details that are registered to the card for online use.

A maximum of two (2) cards are permitted for transactions (either one One4all card and your personal bank card or two One4all cards).

Alternatively, you can use one (1) One4all card to pay using the Payment box. Please see the image below:

Simply read, accept terms and conditions and complete your order.

An email confirmation will be sent following your completed order.

Please note: TripGift websites does not accept unregistered cards of any kind due to AML 5 regulations.

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