The gift idea of a TripGift is to give Recipients the freedom of choice from 330,000 Hotels, Villas and Apartments, 16 Cruises, 500 Car Rental partners and a vast array of eProducts (Digital Media content) of their choice. 

Our vision is for the Recipient to decide where to go; which Things to do, which Cruise to book, which Hotel to book, which Car Rental provider to book with, or which eProduct they would like to purchase... the choice really is theirs to decide!

We have all been there before not knowing what gift to choose, TripGift takes the stress away and I am sure your family, friends, work colleagues and loved ones would be delighted to choose exactly how they want to use their TripGift!

Additionally, if you would like to add a recommendation for your Recipient you may include that in your personal message on the eGift card. 

If you are using for Business you could offer a recommendation in your message when sending your eGift codes.

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