When you sign up to an Account our system sends you a secure temporary password to log in, which we recommend you change to your own personal and private password.

Please note that you need to keep the "Welcome to TripGift" email with this temporary password.

You will also need to remember the email you used to sign up to an Account. To login you will need your Username (Your email) and Password (a temporary password) is sent to your email that you used to register an Account.

Simply search for the "Welcome to TripGift" email and do not forget to check your spam/junk email folders just in case.

If you did not change the temporary password that you received when you first signed up to an Account, you will not be able to receive a reminder or option to change password, you will need to find the "Welcome to TripGift" email that was sent to you with the temporary password included when you first signed up to an account.

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