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About US TripGift? What is TripGift’s timeline? History of TripGift? Has TripGift won awards? TripGift background? TripGift story?
About US TripGift? What is TripGift’s timeline? History of TripGift? Has TripGift won awards? TripGift background? TripGift story?

TripGift About US? What awards has TripGift won? What innovations has TripGift created? Is travel gift cards a thing? TripGift’s history?

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About TripGift®

Travel and experiences can have a profound impact on our lives, they can help us learn about different cultures, expand our horizons, create new life changing opportunities and lasting memories.

In today's globalised world, people are more likely to have friends, family, co-workers and customers living in different countries. This can make it challenging or almost impossible to:

  1. Send relevant personalised traditional gifts, such as physical items.

  2. Last-minute experience gifts overseas.

  3. For the unbanked and underserved communities to receive money to book travel to see family or seek life changing work opportunities.

  4. Purchase a global gift in the local currency of the recipient for them to spend and redeem locally.

  5. Recipients to choose their own personalised travel experiences, rather than receiving a pre-packaged travel or experience gift. ​

In 2016 Cary George, the visionary Founder and CEO of TripGift® identified that TripGift® a first-of-its-kind technology and ecosystem could solve this problem and make a positive, long lasting, sustainable, better lifestyle impact to as many people’s lives around the world as possible.

TripGift innovation timeline:

2016: TripGift Founder, Cary George, creates a travel gifting proposition based on imagination, transactional data, global use cases and real world problems, for the delivery of a proprietary transactional, flexible and convenient global travel gift card.

2017: December 12th - Bootstrapped by its Founder Cary George TripGift launches as the world's first global travel gift card, travel redemption marketplace and gift card processor ecosystem to offer all major flights, hotels, car rentals, tours, airport transfers, and e-learning courses available in 34 currencies worldwide.

2018: TripGift receives International Double Awards 🏆🏆 winner for: "Best Innovative Gift Card & Incentive & Loyalty Reward Solution".

2019: TripGift expands it’s industry-first gift card processor and launches Gift card API with variable (open) denominations and available in up to 104 currencies. TripGift launches 6 stand alone brands AirlineGift, eLearnGift, FlystayGift, HotelsGift, RentacarGift and ToursGift and launches the world’s first gift cards in 54 currencies.

2020: TripGift supports global companies with group events and alternative trip cancellations with individual and family trip replacements during the pandemic. Winner Global Award 🏆 for "Best Innovative Wedding Gift".

2021: Winner of The Knot Registry Award 🏆 for "Best Travel Experience Gift Card" and Winner of the Business Excellence Award 🏆 for "Best Digital Travel Gift Card".

2022: TripGift brand portfolio launches the world’s first gift cards in 68 currencies expands to 8 ‘hero gift card’ brands and launches BucketlistGift, the first gift card to offer bucket list experiences, with 1,000 curated major global sporting events, concerts, and VIP access to cultural events plus 800,000 hotels all available in 68 currencies worldwide.

2023: TripGift expands global retail distribution with the worlds largest retailers including retail giants like Amazon, Walmart, Target, Kroger, Best Buy and many more. TripGift brand portfolio launches the world’s first gift cards to operate in 85 currencies. Under George's leadership, the company has been debt-free and profitable for 6 years.

2024: Winner of the MarTech Awards 🏆 for "Best Travel Experiences eGift Card".

TripGift brands expand unique gift card and transactional processing capabilities to 103 currencies. With an impressive local country and currency reach. The company continues to be debt-free, profitable and working towards rapid growth and global market expansion.

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