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Who is the Founder & CEO of TripGift? Which investors have funded TripGift? Is TripGift a bootstrapped company?
Who is the Founder & CEO of TripGift? Which investors have funded TripGift? Is TripGift a bootstrapped company?

Who are the TripGift investors? How is TripGift funded? Who is tripgift's investors? Who is TripGift CEO? Who is TripGift Founder? About Us

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Travel and experiences can have a profound impact on our lives, they can help us learn about different cultures, expand our horizons, and create life changing and lasting memories, however, two major problems still exist in certain parts of the world.

  1. Unbanked and underserved consumers everywhere who are unable to book travel in their local currency without a credit card for them to spend locally or internationally.

  2. Corporate companies lacked the simplified ability to offer and deliver to their customers, partners and employees domestically and internationally gifting options with equitable value to choose their own personalised local currency travel and experiences to ‘travel anywhere’, rather than receiving a limited physical gift subject to geographic location or a non-local currency prepaid card.

Cary George, the visionary Founder and CEO of TripGift® identified that the first-of-its-kind TripGift could solve this problem by providing a convenient, security-minded and flexible way to send, receive and redeem multi-currency travel gifts for personalised individual or group experiences to travel anywhere and since creating the idea in 2016 from a white paper concept, supported by imagination, transactional data, real world use cases and grit to launch a global digital travel gifting and redemption booking marketplace platform and ecosystem in December 2017.

A seasoned entrepreneur with over 25 years of successful experience in Data Science, Machine Learning, Proposition Development and Program Management working with Financial Services, Telecoms, Retail and the Travel industry in partnership with leading companies like American Express, NatWest Group, Amazon, Royal Mint, Aston Martin, LVMH, IHG, British Airways, City of Edinburgh and the British Tourist Authority.

George is a vanguard in the gift card and travel industry, with a proven ability to successfully create and execute strategy enabling TripGift to become a multi-award winning brand, working with the world's largest retailers and corporate companies and delivering the leading multi-currency travel gift card and redemption platform in the world. A frequent speaker at international Travel, eCommerce, Fintech and Gift card industry events and is a highly respected leader in the travel and gift card industry and is known for his vision, innovation, and commitment to customer accessibility and travel experiences.

George has bootstrapped the global 103 currency TripGift® brands into a debt-free and profitable company over the last 7 years without investment. He is an inspiration to other entrepreneurs who are hard working and fully committed to making their ideas a reality; a passionate advocate for the travel industry and believes that travel can be a powerful sustainable force for good, improving personal wellbeing, connecting people and cultures, and is also a key contributing supporter for underserved communities.

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