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What is ToursGift? How does it work?

Can you explain how to make a booking? How do I receive my booking confirmation?

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ToursGift offers everything needed to book local and international private tours online with over 20,000 flight + hotel and tour experiences with a selection of package tours to book the perfect private tours getaway!

ToursGift offers an exciting range of private tour experiences including dining experiences, hot air balloon or helicopter travel, safari, yacht and road trips, creating positive memories that last a lifetime.

ToursGift allows the use of two (2) gift cards for one booking/transaction. In the case of a remaining amount, this can be paid with one (1) debit/credit card (Visa, Mastercard, AmEx) or paysafecard.

You can click on the paysafecard option and then follow the instructions to complete your transaction based on your geographic location.

* Spending limits do vary country by country, please check the spending limits based on the country where your account is registered.

To see how to search and book a tour on, please check out this video:

Booking Confirmation:

When you make your booking, you will immediately receive a booking confirmation email with a clickable link where you can download your e-document/Travel e-Voucher. There you can find your booking confirmation number.

To check and verify your booking, you can contact the supplier company your booking was made with and provide your name and booking confirmation number.

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