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How do I Redeem (use) a TripGift eGift card, Discount Voucher code, paysafecard or pay using a debit, prepaid or credit card?
I have seen different prices elsewhere to the prices I have seen on this website do you price match?
I have seen different prices elsewhere to the prices I have seen on this website do you price match?

Why are the prices not the same as I have seen elsewhere? Are you a discount or price comparison booking website with this travel gift card?

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TripGift provides a unique, first-of-its-kind global gift of travel and bucket list experience marketplace, with a digital self-serve operating model, we operate in a complex global and multi-currency supply and distribution chain environment in order for us to reach and best serve our global customer base and 360 degrees travel needs. In general you can expect to pay at least a bit more when booking through our platform as opposed to other platforms or direct to the travel providers. Sometimes you may find the same price.

TripGift does not operate a discounted price comparison or travel concierge website. In some instances prices may be more expensive by paying with a gift card with unlimited local and international travel brand booking options than booking with the direct supplier with limited brand options and paying by credit card.

We are therefore unable to price match what other online travel providers do, just as they cannot match what TripGift do, due to our unparalleled global offering and expansive domestic and international travel booking content. We can only work with the prices our global approved suppliers provide to us, as often many travel brands sell to third parties at much higher rates than they sell directly to consumers paying by credit card.

TripGift is a unique digital self-serve platform with unrestricted global content choice, maximum booking flexibility, multi-currency options and split gift card payment transactional convenience and is not a discounted price comparison website.

Due to the dynamic nature of Travel pricing every travel website around the world offers different prices subject to their supplier contracts, for this reason TripGift are unable to price match with other websites.

Our digital self-serve platform is set up to offer maximum choice to show all available products regardless if the price is more expensive or not. Which may mean it displays at a much higher price, rather than stating it is not available at all.

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