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Business to Business | Business to Employee | Bulk & Custom Orders
Business to Business | Business to Employee | Bulk & Custom Orders

I'm a company looking to buy gift cards for employees, channel partners and customers

I am a B2B/Corporate buyer how can we add your products to our proposition?
Can we send gifts and prizes to someone outside of our country, can you help with this?
I would like to buy for an Employee(s), Channel partner(s) or Client(s) based in another country, so they can redeem (use) in their local currency?
Why should I buy a TripGift for Employees, Channel Partners or Customers?
Our Brand or Agency is seeking a Brand Partnership with TripGift, for Competition prizes and/or Customer engagement, how does this work?
I work for a Loyalty Rewards, Incentive or Awards company how can TripGift support our local or international Employees or Customer Engagement efforts
I work for an Airline Frequent flyer program, how can TripGift support our Loyalty & Rewards redemption offering?
I work for a Hotel Rewards program, how can TripGift enhance our instant gratification offering?
I work for an Airport Membership/Rewards program how might we benefit from using TripGift
Can I customise a TripGift?
What is the minimum amount required to place a B2B Bulk or Custom eGift codes order?
How will the TripGift eGift codes get delivered and when?
Can I pay by invoice?
Can I claim VAT on a TripGift eGift Card?
Do you offer physical TripGift cards?
I work for a T&E management software company how can TripGift help us to add value for our clients?
I work for an Airline how can we use TripGift for IROPS to help reduce unforeseen costs
I work for an Insurance Business how can I use TripGift to increase profitability?
I work for a TMC how can TripGift help us create Ancillary revenue and enhance our customers experience?
Why use TripGift for rewards, incentives, promotions, retail gifting? TripGift the world’s leading travel gift cards and travel experience marketplace, why?
What are the benefits to B2B buyers of TripGift brands?