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Business to Business | Business to Employee | Bulk & Custom Orders
I'm a company looking to buy gift cards for employees, channel partners and customers
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I am a B2B/Corporate buyer how can we add your products to our proposition?
Can we send gifts and prizes to someone outside of our country, can you help with this?
I would like to buy for an Employee(s), Channel partner(s) or Client(s) based in another country, so they can redeem (use) in their local currency?
Why should I buy a TripGift for Employees, Channel Partners or Customers?
Our Brand or Agency is seeking a Brand Partnership with TripGift, for Competition prizes and/or Customer engagement, how does this work?
I work for a Loyalty Rewards, Incentive or Awards company how can TripGift support our local or international Employees or Customer Engagement efforts
I work for an Airline Frequent flyer program, how can TripGift support our Loyalty & Rewards redemption offering?
I work for a Hotel Rewards program, how can TripGift enhance our instant gratification offering?
I work for an Airport Membership/Rewards program how might we benefit from using TripGift
Can I customise a TripGift?
What is the minimum amount required to place a B2B Bulk or Custom eGift codes order?
How will the TripGift eGift codes get delivered and when?
Can I pay by invoice?
Can I claim VAT on a TripGift eGift Card?
Do you offer physical TripGift cards?
I work for a T&E management software company how can TripGift help us to add value for our clients?
I work for an Airline how can we use TripGift for IROPS to help reduce unforeseen costs
I work for an Insurance Business how can I use TripGift to increase profitability?
I work for a TMC how can TripGift help us create Ancillary revenue and enhance our customers experience?