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All CollectionsHow do I purchase and send a TripGift?
Can I purchase a TripGift in Singapore Dollars?
Can I purchase a TripGift in Singapore Dollars?

Do you accept SGD when buying eGift cards?

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Yes. TripGift accepts over 30 different currencies from around the world including:

US Dollar - USD
Euro - EUR
AED Dirham - AED
Australian Dollar - AUD
Canadian Dollar - CAD
Swiss Franc - CHF
Danish Krone - DKK
Pound Sterling - GBP
Hong Kong Dollar - HKD
Israeli New Shekel - ILS
Indian Rupee - INR
Japanese Yen - JPY
Mexican Peso - MXN
Norwegian Krone - NOK
New Zealand Dollar - NZD
Polish Złoty - PLN
Romanian Leu - RON
Russian Ruble - RUB
Swedish Krona - SEK
Singapore Dollar - SGD
Thai Baht - THB
Turkish Lira - TRY
Taiwan - TWD
Brazil - BRL
China - CNY
Philippines - PHP
Indonesia - IDR
Qatar - QAR
Saudi Arabia - SAR
Malaysia - MYR
Vietnam - VND
South Korea - KRW
South Africa - ZAR

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